Through the image of disabled creature I stake once more on the discourse on monstrosity. This is one of the specific ways in which boundaries between human and almost human declare themselves. Monsters serve not only to mark the border line, but also to signal the fragility of these boundaries. They are real monsters in their simultaneous demonstration and destruction of differentiation, by which culture separates the natural from artificial, human from non-human, normal from pathological. Their representative functions serve not only to describe and to communicate, but also to legitimate, reproduce and normalize or vice versa to subvert, refute and destabilize. Such representatives, as Donna Haraway called them, are the culturological actors. They serve as a critique of humaneness. My research work is focused on decoding their language and encoding it in creating new creatures.

Orthoman and Fantomat win at the M-tel Awards for Contemporary Bulgarian Art, they also was ranked first by the audience. More....


Orthoman thanks to:
Irina Batkova and M-tel Awards for Contemporary Bulgarian Art Team
Simeon Yanchev - Arduino, sensors, electronics
Alexander Evtimov (Shamana) - sound records
Borislav Tonev (Bucky) - electronics
Rumen (Rumen) - electronics
National Center for Social Servise - orthesis
Nedko Zhechev, Maele Pupez, Yana Krachunova - creative advices