The Therapist by Elena Alexieva

Director Kris Sharkov
Scenographer Venelin Shurelov
Costume designer Elica Georgieva
Music by Assen Avramov

Cast Vladimir Penev, Zhoreta Nikolova, Marin Yanev, Tsvetan Alexiev, Alexandra Vassileva, Iliana Kodzhabasheva

He is Dr. Morte, dog trainer and psychotherapist, but in fact a keen and merciless schemer manipulating dog owners and driven by instinctive cruelty and questionable humanism. His clients are all misfits, each of whom has at some point lost sense of direction without even realizing it. Some come to Dr. Morte to seek reassurance of happiness. Others need an alternative. Yet others have simply lost all hope. What the therapist is willing to give them, however, is more than they can bear. Each and every one of us is alone in the world. The only difference is that some know it while others don’t. And everyone tries to fill in the gaps as best as they can. Man’s best friend is not another man. Sometimes it’s a dog, acting like a man. But most often it is the delusion man has invented of himself. Dr. Morte has a most disturbing way of dealing with such delusions, replacing them with new and unexpected ones. But it works only for those who have survived his therapy.