Zeitraffer or Time-lapse

Within the project ArtUP! and the new exhibition PARABOLE will be organized workshop "Zeitraffer / Time-lapse", as it created video works will be presented in the media collection ArtUP!.

Zeitraffer and Time-lapse mean the same thing - a video compression technique for time. This principle of montage, basically realize an extreme view of reality. I'd call it video trap which exercise the ability to capture time and space. In the context of media art exhibition "Parabola" the workshop lies two touch points. One is the use of this technique as a tool for urban dissection, objectification of urban flux with a reflection with curve of crisis.

The second point is actually a parabola off over possible interpretations in translating German and English term, if one speaks of collection, accumulation, storage (Zeitraffer) of temporal experience, the other to drop, fall, error (Time-lapse) over the time.

The aim of the workshop is for participants to acquire technical skills for making their own video.

In collaboration with Goethe Institute, Sofia and National Academy of Art