Man ex Machina is an "intimate event", a mixture between installation, performance and lecture. It explores the interrelations between human beings and technology, which have lead to the creation of hybrids. These fantastic, supernatural beings mark the boundaries between the human and the technological, between being born and being made, between fact and fiction. A protagonist in the performance is such a creature – an eclectic object, created by new technologies and old mechanisms, the body of the artist and sophisticated electronics.

idea, text, protagonist, scenography - Venelin Shurelov
multichannel sound environment - Sibin Vasilev
3D animator - Yosif Bozhilov
video editing - Martin Penev, Venelin Shurelov
set and props - Borislav Tonev (Bucky), Venelin Shurelov
voice - Venelin Shurelov, Elena Kabasakalova

Special thanks to Elitza Georgieva, Bojan Ivanov, Tanja Sokolova, Rumjana Dimitrova, Nikolay Yordanov

This project is supported by Ministry of Culture - Bulgaria
The project is part of candidature of city of Varna for European Capital of Culture in 2019


02 June 2011
GRAFIT Gallery, International Theatre Festival - Varna Summer