"ROTOR" is a Performative Automatic System (PAS).

Duration: 40 minutes


Venelin Shurelov – idea, organization, technical adaptation, light design, video projection

Borislav Tonev (Buki) – Mechanics


The figure is a body of the gesture, partially closed by function, partially liberated by fiction. On the borderline between performance and installation I situate my action, passing two different phases. In the first part, beginning from an empty stage, I build up an device – a complex electro-mechanic kinetic mechanism, in front of the audience. The second part is developed in the final 5 minutes and demonstrated the final merge between my body and the built construction. Thus the newly formed hybrid body moves according to the rules of automatics, but is at the same time submerged in a fictional world.



03.07.2016 SFUMATO Theatre Laboratory, Sofia


Presented at:

2016 - Ars Electronica Center - Deep Space, Linz, Austria

2016 - “DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance

Video trailer: