◦ Co-founder and full time lecturer in MA program “Digital Arts”, National Academy of Arts, Sofia (2008-)
◦ Part of curatorial team of DA FEST, International Festival for Digital Art, Sofia (2009-)
◦ Lecturer „Scenography”, National Academy of Arts, Sofia (2007-08)
◦ Part-time teaching in “Computer design”, National high school for fine arts “Ilia Petrov”, Sofia (2007-08)
 Part-time teaching in “Computer design”,  New Bulgarian University,   Sofia (2009-)


◦ Member of the Scenographer's Guild, part of The Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA) (2008-)
◦ Member of the The Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA) (2010-)
◦ Artist in the Theatre Laboratory “Sfumato” (2005-)
◦ Founder of the international art collective ‘Via Pontica’ (2002) and the ‘Subhuman Theatre’ (2004)
◦ Artist in theatre magazine “Homo Ludens”
◦ Part of the project Black/North SEAS organized by
◦ Bulgarian artist on “AGORAFOLLY”, part of Europalia 2007, “Subhuman curiosity” open door installation