Addition and subtraction

Dedicated to Iliya Shurelov

The exhibition consists of 24 drawings, done in pencil on wrapping paper. They were created in August, 2010, during my stay in the Nordic Artists' Centre Dalsåsen workshops in Norway.
Addition and subtraction in this series of drawings are thematically related to coming to and leaving this world, but also to what we add and what we take off ourselves. These pieces came to life as a result of the emotional energy accumulated after the death of someone very close and dear to me. Invariably in the center of each picture there is a human bust that represents a mix of him and me. Nevertheless, each figure is depersonalized, full of different memories and fictions that are as much personal as universal, too. The imagery of the pictures is also connected to my interest towards the augmentative body, the hybrid-body, the prosthetic-body. This way the subject in the images mixes with variety of objects and acquires new meanings. Meanings that remind of a delirium, sometimes setting down with the burden of a revelation, other times coming with the easiness of a cynical joke.