Hand Extension (Work in Process)

A few years ago a woman - a taxi driver told me that they (taxi drivers) are modern centaurs.

My work is focused on decoding the language of modern myths and encoding them in the creation of new beings.

The project represents a collection of gadgets that some people use as a tool for delving the contents of the garbage cans. The protagonists in this SubHuman Theater on the streets of Sofia are marginal figures, homeless, tramps, outcasts and jobless. I look at this phenomenon through the prism of technological upgrade, the effect of a kind of low-tech cybernation. My goal in this dystopian vision is to destabilize the stereotypes defined the poles and brings a specific unifying monotype - this technological upgrade which is actually archetype. The second plan is related to processes of commodification of art, as I do the collection of delving sticks, objects of art framed under glass with a price. The third phase is the production of a series of identical sticks for general use with the specifications for efficiency and ergonomics. 

Project for future in crisis, which blooming visions of reality starts from the trash container.