Sewing up the local ground

Land Art Installation

In collaboration with Hristo Hristov

Developed during the Symposium for Plastic and Visual Arts ‘Alan Kairiak’ in the village of Yasna Polyana


Post Scriptum

An important point of departure for my work is the experience I gathered during the symposium for plastic and visual arts ‘Alan Kairiak’, which took place in the village of Yasna Polyana in 1998. For 14 days I was fascinated by the opportunity to develop themes and practices that I had not hitherto encountered and which I had not been taught in school. Led by my intuition, I stepped into artistic territories, which lastingly marked my practice ever since. I discovered that a work of art could be productive of a situation and provoke more complex relations with the viewer. This possibility transformed into a path worthy of exploration that I carved throughout the years. I considered the work of art to be a subject, rather than a closed-off object, both in terms of form and material. I started exploring the possibilities of entering into a relationship with this ‘subject’ that has become a Thing with its own character and identity, a Thing wanting its own Body. I was led by the idea that art has to search for a more precise individuality in the act of creation. Individuality-system, individuality-organism, individuality-situation. I started learning how to consider more carefully the space within which I place the work of art, to discover connections and interdependencies. I explored the degree to which Place and Thing are indispensible to each other.