Terma 30 - Interactive Installation

This is the first kitchen stove of my mother Maria. I found it tossed away in the backyard and decided to modify it. I removed one of the hotplates and replaced it with a 10-inch TV monitor. I cut out the bottom of a small pot and fixed it on top of the TV. I hacked a DVD player by connecting its buttons to the stove’s switch: instead of regulating the heat, I could then switch between different video chapters. I shot a series of videos in the Jacuzzi pool of a hospital, which was a lot of fun... let’s cook something artistic.

In this installation Venelin Shurelov again offers himself as a subject for free experimentation by the audience. The comic and entertaining effect of the work predispose spectators to participate in it to the utmost. Old stove with a small pot on the hot plate that has something of the nostalgic charm of the silent films in which a small black and white man goes through thousands of ups and downs, as if the grim fate plays with him in the most cold-blooded and heartless way. Similar feeling is invoked also by this installation of Venelin Shurelov. Little man literally "boiling and seething" in art, or rather in a dummy dish. In that case the visitor enjoys a unique opportunity to cook an artist at a desired temperature.
Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva