Alphaville – Thank you so much!

‘Alphaville – Thank you so much!’ is an object which functionally resembles a vending machine. We see an excerpt from Jean-Luc Godard’s film of the same name playing in loop on a TV screen. There, we watch the main character inserting a coin in the vending machine placed in the lobby of the hotel where he is staying. However, instead of any consumable content, he receives a plate with the word ‘Merci’, which he then tosses away with disdain. Godard’s anti-utopian script demonstrates the arrogance of the machine in the commercialised public space.

An additional video is activated in Shurelov’s machine, when one inserts a coin in it. In the video, the artist looks rather drowsy; yet, a little annoyed, he addresses us with the words ‘Thank you so much’. The anti-utopian metaphor from Godard’s script is reasserted as a practice through which the author tries to obtain a personal gain by collecting coins from naïve passersby.