A project by DAMA09 (Violeta Pavlova, Evgenia Sarbeva, Martin Petrov, Yulian Nevenov) – first-year students at the Academy, Digital Arts Master’s Programme. The installation is a result of a course work (The actor as an object, the object as an actor), assigned by Venelin Shurelov. Through theoretical and practical studies, the installation examines the interaction between human body and object, construction and projection, installation and action, in the border zone between the visual and performance arts. In this process, we use breath, separated from the human body, intensify it through electromechanical processes and use it as an element of the environment. With their breath, the visitors animate the dummy’s body.

Presented in the frame of Little Season Festival, SFUMATO Theatre Laboratory, 18.00, 29 June 2010, UNDERGROUND Stage

The Project is kindly supported by SFUMATO Theatre Laboratory, National Art Academy and

Special thanks to Bucky