DORA Lamp 1.0

DORA Lamp 1.0

Venelin Shurelov, with Sibin Vasilev`s collaboration

Project description

Introducing a new product in the art market - Lamp "DORA". It combines the perfect Swedish design, moderate and radical artistic innovation.Item has adjustable arm and head for easy directing of light. Ordinary light bulb is replaced by a mini video projector, allowing light to become the object containing additional meanings. For lamp "DORA" This is a huge collection of letters, symbols, characters and pictograms converted into an oscillating beam. Totally unexpected for users is the availability of sound in the lamp, which the dynamics of the video image are synchronized. Sound composition is based on particles of speech taken from different languages. These items can be articulation sounds, vowels, consonants, syllables or newly synthesized, fictional words and phrases.

Size of the item
Height 51.5 cm
Sconce, diameter 15 cm
Cable length 2.5 m

Aluminum, zinc, plastic EVA, Cast Iron
Mono speaker
Mini video projector
DVD player

You might need a special waste treatment. For more information, please contact your local authorities.

Care instructions
To clean, wipe with a dry cloth.