From Here to There

Situationist installation, Durational Performance, Kinetic Sculpture, Video Art

Performance by Subhuman Theatre which runs for 10 min for an audience of two people.

Concept, kinetic sculpture and photo images: Venelin Shurelov

Performance: Ana Vilenica

Animation: Animitar Animitrov

‘From here to there’ is a story about an interaction between the human and a poetic possibility. Poetic existence is a fiction; it is a result of an aspiration to unriddle the netherworld. It is formed by fragmentary parts of our surrounding reality. This duality of the poetic often stirs up confusion and anxiety in us. Artistic means are the official mediator between here and there; nowadays they are much more adept in influencing the transformation of time, space, and consciousness. The utopia of the thinking and reflecting human consists in the possibility of becoming one with her poetic ideal. We are in a time of unlimited possibilities and this seems to guarantee a miracle: the digital miracle. Could we claim that the time of unlimited possibilities is a time of limited people?