SubHuman Curiosity

Installation, Public Art Intervention

In SubHuman Curiosity, I explore curiosity. Curiosity describes behavioral and psychological mechanisms that impel beings to seek information and interaction with their environment and with other beings. In this way curiosity becomes a synonym for society.

I placed a black box on the ground of his marketplace. The content is unknown and is doubly protected: by the box and by a circle of tall, closely knit anthropoid wooden figures who crowd around it, preventing passers by from approaching the box. To satisfy their curiosity, people must circle round these figures in order to find a gap.

So, what’s inside the mystery box – something untouchable, a forgotten memory, something dangerous, expensive, tasty, nothing?

Human curiosity evokes thoughts and actions, and, combined with the ability to think in an abstract way, leads to mimesis, fantasy and imagination – eventually even to the destruction of boundaries, to distinguishing oneself and to distancing oneself from the crowd.

Opening 12 October 2007, Brussels, Place Sainte-Catherine"
Exhibition „Agorafolly outside/inside”, „Еuropalia 2007”

Reaction & Petition "vandalism Agorafolly"

The project is supported by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of BulgariaEmbassy of Republic of Bulgaria in Brussels"Europalia International" Foundation