The Visitors

The labyrinth presents a relaxing point for all and everybody longing for a short escape from the daily routine and a recovery of little meanings. It is expected to convey calmness and silence, as well as a friendly conduct towards nature and visitors. 

The winding path cleanses of the excessive loads; the bench in the centre proffers time and space to sit down with ourselves, alone or with our best friend – the book
The first collection of books will be assembled through donations. These books are the property of all of us, and therefore we should handle them with special care. If you really fall in love with any one of them and can not part with it, take it home – but bring it back one day, or bring another book with stories that you want to share with others

The labyrinth, in short, is a den in which we can come to our senses and step forward in our lives.

Become a custodian

Every person can become a custodian of only one of the 287 canadian hemlock trees in the Labyrinth of Art. Look at the interactive map of the park. Trees without custodians are marked in green. Click on your tree, insert your personal data and you can become its custodian for the price of 150 Euros(including VAT). Once you have paid the bill, your tree will be marked in red on the interactive map; and in April 2011, your tree in the actual park will bear a plate with the inscription: The custodian of this tree is /your name and surname/. So throughout your life you will have a chance to visit your own personal tree. 

CORPORATE BODIES can become custodians of several trees in the framework of different Custodian Packages. We have a concept of sustainable sponsorship. If you can find your own place within the labyrinth, please contact us.